Dianna is a Certified Master Hypnotist and a Clinical Hypnotherapist.  

She is a member of the Hypnotherapists Union, Local 472 and a member of the American
Hypnosis Association.  She has her certificate in handwriting analysis.  She is trained in all
of the latest hypnotic modalities and is accomplished in the use of many tools including
systematic desensitization, circle therapy, hypnotic extinction of fears and phobias, NLP,
corrective therapy, EMDR, EFT and body syndromes

How Hypnosis can help you.
Picture a tug of war between 12 and 88 people.  This is precisely the balance of the
conscious and the subconscious minds.  On a daily basis we use or conscious minds
(12%), that is where our logic, reason, willpower and decision making skills are kept.  Now
the balance, the 88% is our subconscious, where our memories and life script is kept.  
By using hypnosis and subliminal messages, we are communicating directly with the
subconscious bypassing the critical mind and conscious and thereby creating positive
and lasting change.  
Areas Of Additional Instruction      

- NLP, Neuro-Lingustic Programming
- Forensic Hypnosis
- Levels of Consciousness
- Child Hypnosis
- Breast Enlargement
- Weight Loss
- Hypnosis for Seniors
- Eye-Pattern Desensitization
- EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique
- TFT, Thought Field Therapy
- Hypno-Aromatherapy
- Therapeutic Imagery
Robert T Kesser
Director Product & Web Development

Robert has worked with all types of sound, video, and presentation technology and he has
been developing web sites for over 15 years now. He is a computer technology Customer
Relations Management professional who has worked for a fortune 30 company and is a geo
marketing expert. His travels have taken him around the world for both business and for
When not busy working with Internet presentation technologies, Robert is an award winning
photographer. He has been described by his colleagues as a true Renaissance Man.
Manhattan Beach, CA 90266
Dianna L. Llarena, C. Ht.
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