~ Sleep Magic ~
Sleeping is something we all need every day of our lives. The one area about sleep where the experts are in full agreement is that
there is no minimum number of hours that we should all spend sleeping before endangering our health. Some of us can get by on
six hours without feeling any ill-effects and others claim to need a minimum of eight. One study has show that 8 hours of sleep for a
24 hour period is the average requirement for adults. But the need for sleep in the group ranged from just 6 to 10 hours.
The real problem is, getting to sleep to begin with. In today’s world most of us are under so much pressure we have problems
relaxing and getting to sleep in a way that we feel refreshed for the next days challenges. That is where the Subliminal Mind's "Sleep
Magic" CD can help.  
Our specialty selected music with powerful affirmations will help you get relaxed and fall into a deep fulfilling sleep.
For those who need sessions with verbal assistance we make  available some very helpful choices that include special effects of
streams, soft ocean wave, forest soft winds and others. All come  with the voice and direction of Hypnotherapist Dianna L. Llarena of
Los Angeles California.
TRACK 01                                                                             FAST ASLEEP

                                                     ~ Sometimes When It Rains: Secret Garden (c) (p) ~

Ever wonder how to fall asleep fast?  Unless you’re blessed with an internal off switch, it can be rather difficult to fall asleep fast, or at will. And you just
may not know how to fall asleep or how to sleep better as a whole. The truth is there are no miracle cures and answers. What works for one person may
not work for another. Some people resort to sleeping pills, or other prescribed methods. Actually, knowing how to fall asleep fast is easy. The hard thing
is actually doing it. If you're unfortunate enough to suffer from a sleep disorder/ sleep problem - then you may feel that you're on a highway to nowhere.    
Sleep problems are common and can range from insomnia to simply experiencing a hiccup in your sleep pattern. Insomnia, for example, is thought to
affect up to one in three people during their lifetime. Unfortunately there are no miracle sleep cures available and for many it’s simply a case of trial and
Fortunately, not all is lost. Far from it. You may be surprised to learn that many of us have simply forgotten how to relax ... literally forgotten how to fall
asleep. We're so busy rushing round, work, home, socializing and that the part of the day where we're supposed to relax and refresh our systems
becomes elusive.
The Subliminal Mind has developed a complete CD to help you get to sleep fast and stay that way until you want to wake up energized and ready for the
day ahead. This track is designed to help you get passed all of the things that keep your mind so busy you cannot relax at all. It will help get you relaxed
fast and prepare you for the tracks that follow next. The affirmations include sayings like: As you lay down to sleep, a beautiful sense of deep relaxation
fills your body. As you prepare to fall asleep, you know that your body is beginning a truly miraculous transformation. As you prepare to fall asleep, you
relax in knowing that your mind is at peace. As you prepare to fall asleep, you willingly release all the stress of the day. Falling asleep is easy for you. You
just turn out the light and drift away. You always awake rested and energized. You always fall asleep quickly. You always get a good night’s sleep and
wake up refreshed every morning. You always get the sleep you need. You always sleep soundly. You always sleep well.  So, listen to the sample song
and start to relax. Note there are no hidden messages in our samples.
TRACK 02                                                                     MELT AWAY STRESS

                                                                ~ Silent Speaks by: Secret Garden (c) (p) ~

Stress Keeping You Awake?  If so, you are undoubtedly feeling stressed during the day due to lack of sleep! You will certainly feel tired and lack the
energy you need for your daily activities. Depending on your “stress type”, you may feel irritable, have difficulty concentrating, feel depressed, doze off at
the wrong times, or simply feel lousy. You may start to rely on stimulants like caffeine to keep you going, but using these will make it even harder to sleep
at night. You may need to nap, which most sleep experts say interferes with the ability to sleep at night. Getting through the day without adequate sleep is
a challenge! The harder you try to fall asleep, the more awake you become! How can you break this vicious stress/can’t sleep cycle? Try using The
Subliminal Mind's SLEEP MAGIC track Melt Away Stress. It is designed specifically to help you relax quickly eliminating the stress that keeps you awake.
This track has affirmations that include phrases like: You are stress free. When you start to feel stress, you now take a moment to inhale a number of
deep breaths through your nose, letting them out slowly, and you start to relax immediately.  When you say, I am relaxed. You will relax immediately and
completely. You are relaxed completely now. And in the morning when you wake up you will be wide awake, refreshed, happy, and energized for the day
ahead! You always find both physical and mental ways to release your stress. You are releasing your stress more each and every day, you know this
keeps stress from building up inside you. In the morning when you wake up you will be wide awake, refreshed, happy, and energized for the day ahead!
You now make the conscious choice to start each day fresh, without the stress from the day before.
TRACK 03                                                                            DEEP SLEEP

                                                                  ~ Lotus by: Secret Garden (c) (p) ~

You've probably heard that you need eight hours of sleep a night to be healthy. However, if those eight hours are filled with light and restless sleep, it will
probably be the equivalent of only a couple of hours. You need to fall into a deep sleep, and The Subliminal Mind has the answer for you. The SLEEP
MAGIC and the Deep Sleep Track will help you reach that goal.
The affirmations included phrases like: You are soothing and calming yourself. As soon as your head hits the pillow you are instantly relaxed and start to
fall asleep. You are taking care of yourself now by letting go of all negative thinking. You are letting go of your depression. You are allowing yourself to let
go of depressing thoughts and negative thinking. You are allowing yourself to relax. You are letting your muscles relax. You are calming down and
relaxing now. You are releasing all tension. You are releasing all negativity and sadness. You are letting all those tense, negative feelings fly away. You
are falling into a very deep sleep right now. So, please listen to the sample song and start to fall into a deep relaxing sleep. Note there are no hidden
messages in our samples.
TRACK 04                                                                      CLEAR BREATHING

                                                                  ~ Sweet Lullaby by: Karunesh (c) (p) ~

Having a stuffy nose is never pleasant, especially when you have trouble breathing through your nose when you try to sleep.  As you may know there are
products on the market that can relieve your stuffy nose, such as nasal spray but beware; some of them may be addictive if you use the spray for more
than 3 days in a row. So why take the risk?  If you suffer from sinus problems or find it difficult to breathe at night, try this track. It is specifically designed to
help you breath easier, which in turn may help you sleep better. It may not be a cure all, but it does get the subconscious mind to provide relief. The
messages included phrases like: You are now breathing freely through your nose; you relax freely and find yourself quickly in a sleep like state. You are
in a safe place where you let go of all your worldly needs and concerns. Your focus and attention is now on the sound of your breathing. The air passes
through your nose, gently, freely and quietly, like a soft whisper. The way you now feel is at ease, you are breathing so peacefully, softly, calmly, and
quietly. You notice how effortless, easy, and comfortable it is to breathe and fall asleep this way. You now breathe freely through your nose, and enjoy
sleeping this way. The passage way in the back of your throat is completely free and clear and the air passes through like a soft whisper. This allows you
to get plenty of oxygen into your lungs and you are relaxed. So, please  listen to the sample song and start to relax. Note there are no hidden messages
in our samples, and this disk is not designed to take the place of any doctor's diagnosis or recommendations.
TRACK 05                                                                       WASH AWAY ANXIETY

                                                             ~ Silent Wings by by: Secret Garden (c) (p) ~

Did you know Anxiety Disorder can lead to sleep problems? Insomnia is the term for people who have trouble falling asleep, difficulty staying asleep or
waking up too early in the morning. Insomnia can be short term or long term depending on the feelings of the person whose sleep loss is a problem.
If a person is having anxiety disorder, insomnia can heighten those disorders. The causes of anxiety disorders are excessive stress, continuous worry,
obsessive thoughts, nightmares and gastrointestinal problems.
Antidepressants prescribed for the treatment of anxiety disorder can cause sleep problems. Chronic sleep problems are associated with an increased
risk of anxiety, depression and reduced quality of life. Sleep disorders such as restless leg syndrome, sleep apnea, and narcolepsy interfere with your
sleep and contribute to anxiety sleep disorder. Lack of sleep creates anxiety disorder or the disorder can cause insomnia. Inadequate sleep can cause
tiredness. If you do not sleep for the required amount of time your body needs, it leads to poor productivity at work or school, poor health, increased risks
and bad judgment.
The Subliminal Mind has created a track to help you relieve anxiety and get to sleep easy and quickly. We want to help you get the rest you need without
having to take drugs and hope this track helps you get the sleep you really need.
The messages included sentences like: All thoughts of anxiety are leaving your mind right now and you feel free to fall asleep quickly and quietly. Every
piece of anxiety that you now feel is dissolving away!  You alone, are in control of your destiny. You now know you can be, and do anything you desire. You
are working everything out, and everything will be ok. You are falling asleep easily now because you know everything from today that was negative is now
behind you. You now only think help-full thoughts. You are at peace with yourself and the world. You like yourself, because you know you are the best. As
you sleep now, you are at peace because you know other people really do like you. A lot of people care for, and about you.
So, please listen to the sample song and start to relax. Note there are no hidden messages in our samples.
TRACK 06                                                                    HELP WITH DEPRESSION

                                                                        ~ The Silk Road by: Kitaro (c) (p) ~

Sleeping Disorder and Depression -  there is a relationship between them. It has been stated that depression can cause insomnia. It is also true that
long-standing insomnia or sleeplessness can often cause depression. Sleep disturbances and depression are anything but strange bed fellows.
Nearly all depressed individuals experience sleep problems. Indeed, early-morning awakening is a hallmark of the mood disorder.
Yet exactly how disturbed sleep and depression fit together is one of the continuing puzzles of neuroscience. Many mental health experts believe that
sleep is a primary window into the brain and holds some key secrets of mood disorders.
The amount of sleep a person gets also strongly influences the symptoms of mental disorders. Sleep deprivation is an effective therapy for people with
certain types of depression, while it can actually cause depression in other people. Extreme sleep deprivation can lead to a seemingly psychotic state of
paranoia and hallucinations in otherwise healthy people and disrupted sleep can trigger episodes of mania (agitation and hyperactivity) in people with
manic depression.  This track addresses these issues at a subconscious level and has been proven to be very effective in assisting depression right
before you go to sleep and after as well.  The affirmations included phrases like: You are a very special person, and you are loved. You fall asleep easily
because, you alone, are in control of your destiny. All the things that have you down, all the things that are causing you to be depressed have completely
gone away now. You now know you can be, and do anything you desire. You are getting sleepier, because you are working everything out, and everything
will be ok. You now only think positive thoughts. You are becoming happier, with each and every passing day. You like yourself, because you know you
now have control of your life. As you fall asleep, you know you are the best at what you do. You know a lot of people care for, and about you. You are very
important. Your views are important, and other people really do, respect them. Your life is better now. You are enjoying yourself. So, please listen to the
sample song and see if you might want to give this CD a try. Note there are no hidden messages in our samples.
TRACK 07                                                                           WIDE AWAKE

                                                              ~ Rhythm in the Pews by: Ray Lynch (c) (p) ~

Waking up in the morning can be a major problem, especially if you fell asleep late or had problems falling asleep. This track has been designed to help
the listener wake up quickly and wide awake after using the SLEEP MAGIC CD. The  track messages included phrases like: You are now wide awake.
You are confident and charming with the people you meet.  You radiate confidence and relaxation.  You start great conversations easily and effortlessly.
You are now wide awake. You approve of yourself and feel great about yourself. You have sky-high self-esteem.  You feel rested and energized.  You feel
completely rested and ready for today's challenges. You are now completely awake, You are a worthwhile person; you will attract joy into your life today.  
You start each and every day feeling wonderful, and you will have peace of mind all day today.  You look forward to the challenges that you will be having
today and everyday. You are now wide awake. You already know your plan for today, and you feel confident that you will do what needs to be done. So,
listen to the sample song and see how the music will help. Note there are no hidden messages in our samples.
Subliminal Music CD Recordings with Affirmations
This is our basic product, the categories include; A Healthy You, Sleep Magic, Self
Improvement, Fighting Depression and Anxiety, Sharpen your Mind, and finally,
Relationships. In these categories we have over 40 music tracks with affirmations
included. All six of our CDs are made with the state of the art technology, and come
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