~ Self Improvement ~
Dr. William James, the great American psychologist and philosopher once stated, "The greatest discovery of my generation is that
man can alter his life simply by altering his attitude of mind."
Using subliminal messages with positive affirmations has gained popularity in the last several years as a way of changing many
areas of our lives in very positive and productive ways. We now know that the brain can be made to make these changes to itself,
under the right environment and conditions. We are no longer restricted to the old belief that from birth we are wired to be a certain
way, and that our life's status is permanently pre-ordained because of our early childhood. There is a way to improve ourselves by
retraining our subconscious mind;  “…any impulse of thought which is repeatedly passed on to the subconscious mind is, finally,
accepted and acted upon by the subconscious mind, which proceeds to translate that impulse into its physical equivalent, by the
most practical procedure available.” “Think and Grow Rich:” by Napoleon Hill
In today’s world we are constantly trying to improve our own well-being and security by making ourselves more valuable. Making
improvement is done in a number of ways; higher education, improved self image, who we work for, management of our time as
well as business success and wealth. The Subliminal Mind is aware of what this takes and has developed a CD that will help you
get this accomplished. Our specialty selected music with powerful affirmations will help you get your subconscious mind moving in
a positive, affirmative direction toward your own personal success.
Also, for those who need sessions with verbal assistance we make  available some very helpful choices that include special effects
of streams, soft ocean wave, forest soft winds and others. All come with the voice and direction of Hypnotherapist Dianna L. Llarena
of Los Angeles California.
TRACK 01                                                                     BUSINESS SUCCESS

                                                                   ~ River Dance by: Karunesh (c) (p) ~

Business Success affirmations can have a great impact on you and you business career, whether you work at a home business you own or for
someone else. The right affirmations can make a real difference in the way you feel about yourself, your job and business life.
The people who are most successful in business are the people who consistently think about their goals and how to achieve them. They do not let the
challenges of life get in the way of that success. In a lot of cases positive self affirmations are the basis of this accomplishment.
The following are some examples of affirmations that we use to help you move forward and progress: You have confidence in your ability to make
practical decisions. You seek to be aware of the opportunities that come your way. Your career is an important part of your life. You enjoy great success in
your career. You are building a strong foundation for yourself. You are prosperous in your business. Your business brings me financial security and
stability. Your life is blessed with abundance. You learn about and understand finances. Your financial goals are an important part of your life. You do
research before you make a large investment. You know how to use good financial strategies. You pay attention to and stay knowledgeable about current
trends. You have many assets and resources. You are accomplishing your business goals with great success.
Please listen to the sample song and think about how great it would be to get started on your own business success. Note there are no hidden
messages in our samples.
TRACK 02                                                                            SELF IMAGE

                                                               ~ The Oh of Pleasure by: Ray Lynch (c) (p) ~

How's your self-image these days? Do you lack self-confidence to accomplish things? Do you feel timid, fearful, and overwhelmingly anxious? If any of
these ring true, we at The Subliminal Mind want you to know, you can begin to change your own self image starting today.
Affirmations seek to challenge subconscious thoughts. The subconscious mind learns through repetition.
Using repeat affirmations to effect a positive change essentially works by changing subconscious thoughts - eventually paving way for a new belief to
come into being. Once thought patterns and beliefs change, one's life also changes around the new positive belief.
By using this Self Image track on the Self Improvement CD to give yourself daily affirmation treatments, you'll strengthen your self esteem, which is one of
the greatest and most necessary of all human traits.
The messages included are similar to:  You have completely discarded any thoughts of failure that you used to have. You have no unnecessary fear of
failure. You have no unnecessary anxiety about things you want to do. Your confidence and competence are exploding massively everyday. You are now
friendly, outgoing, and confident. You are now bold and courageous. You now seize your opportunities immediately.  You now have the ability to change
anything in your life that you choose to change.  You take complete responsibility for your life. When you speak to others, you look them straight in the eye
and speak with confidence knowing that you are equal to every person you meet regardless of their social status or accomplishments.  
So, please listen to the sample song and begin to imagine your self image improves. Note there are no hidden messages in our samples.
TRACK 03                                                                CONTROLLING EMOTIONS

                                                                ~ Evenings, Yes by: Ray Lynch (c) (p) ~

With everything seemingly in a miserable state, unemployment high, inflation on its way up, sales down at work, more pressure at home, it can be easy
to allow your emotions to dictate your responses to everyone from your spouse and children to your boss and coworkers. But responding emotionally
can sometimes make a bad situation worse. While it does take practice, you can control your emotions. The Subliminal Mind team knows that every
negative emotion you have begins with a thought, so we have developed a track that will help you get through these tough situations whatever they may
be... With this track you will be able to learn to control your mind and in turn, gain control of your emotions by default to take and make every thought
captive before it sinks its teeth into you!
The messages included phrases like: You will gain emotional strength control each and every day. Today you will gain emotional strength. A positive
attitude promotes good health and well-being. You take charge of your emotions, desires and abilities. You consciously choose the emotional state you
are in at all times. You can control your emotions at will. You are stable, calm, and in complete control of your emotions. You are always calm and
collected when appropriate. You can express your emotions with control. You now move away from anger and towards stability. You are open-minded in
every situation keeping in mind your goal of emotional control.
So, please listen to the sample song and start to relax. Note there are no hidden messages in our samples.
TRACK 04                                                                 PROSPERITY AND WEALTH

                                                   ~ The True Spirit of Mom & Dad by: Ray Lynch (c) (p) ~

Did you know that your greatest "wealth" is not money. It is your state of mind, your thinking and understanding about how to accumulate and maintain
wealth.  Once you learn how to make a lot of money, even if someone takes it all away, you still have the knowledge to re-create wealth and more.  Even
more important, if you have profound financial knowledge, there is much less chance that you will ever lose your wealth once you create it.  When you are
in the process of building your wealth, you must exercise financial discipline to maximize what you spend on cash producing assets and minimize what
you spend on cash draining liabilities. We hope you will notice that many of these affirmations are very specific to what you need and will help get you
what you really want; success. So, what are some Power Affirmations to help condition your mind to automatically act on these ideas?  
The messages included phrases like: You are good at creating wealth. You are successful in making money. You like creating wealth. Your financial
intelligence is now multiplying everyday. You are the master of your money. You track and manage your cash flow. You carefully accumulate cash
producing assets. You pay yourself first. You use the cash you save to buy more and more assets. Your cash producing assets now exceed your
personal expenses and you buy more cash creating assets.  You are now on the fast track to wealth and prosperity.
So, please listen to the sample song and start to relax. Note there are no hidden messages in our samples.
TRACK 05                                                                   PROCRASTINATION GONE

                                                                ~ Celestial Soda Pop by: Ray Lynch (c) (p) ~

Procrastination can do away with our own best laid plans, yet knowing this we are all guilty of procrastinating from time to time. This is just the way the
human mind deals with some situations. It may be the task is overwhelming or just requires more focus or energy than we are willing to give at any one
time. If procrastination is something that you want to do away with, don’t simply wish it gone, you can make it a reality through The Subliminal Mind's
procrastination affirmations. That’s right, our positive subliminal affirmations can help you tackle your procrastination! Procrastination affirmations will
remind you that today is a great opportunity to relieve the stresses of tomorrow. After all, each day is interconnected! Through these special positive
affirmations you can teach yourself to think about things in a whole new manner, which will allow you to do away with the idea of procrastination
The affirmations included are similar to the following examples: For you there is no try, there is only do it now. Your desire to get on with things is
stronger than your desire to procrastinate. Procrastination is your enemy. You take action towards your goals daily. You enjoy the success of finishing a
task. You choose to start this task with a small step forward. Once your task is finished, you know you will feel terrific and have plenty of time for play! You
look forward to getting things done. You know that it better to do a hard task first and get it out of the way.
So, please listen to the sample song and start to relax. Note there are no hidden messages in our samples
TRACK 06                                                                        TIME MANAGEMENT

                                                                    ~ Flight of Fantasy by: Yanni (c) (p) ~

Managing time is required in today's modern world and many products are available to help you improve your time management skill. Most are pretty
mechanical and unemotional in nature, based on efficiency through planning. This can be a good and beneficial approach to time management. But it is
only "one piece of the puzzle." The mental aspect of time management also needs to be addressed. Most time management skill systems are missing
this component. So we must look further to complete the equation. That solution, the other half of the equation, can come from a good and effective
mental self help program. A properly designed "stop procrastination" program, focused on affirmations to stop procrastination by changing our emotional
feelings about projects and tasks, can be an essential "piece" of the time management equation. We at the Subliminal Mind would like to offer you this
"mental side" with this track based on Time Management subliminal affirmations.
The messages included phrases like: You are perfect at time management. You know where your time is going. You love being productive. Your time
alone is filled with fun, peace, love, creativity and productivity. You move beyond distractions and you stop wasting precious time. You have an abundance
of time. You manage your time well. You have the ability to create enough time to do everything you need to do. You have plenty of time for each task you
need to perform today. You can always find time and energy to do what needs to be done. Time management for you and your family is so natural.
Please listen to the sample song and start to relax. Note there are no hidden messages in our samples.
TRACK 07                                                                        PUBLIC SPEAKING

                                                                ~ November Sky by: Yanni (c) (p) ~

Most of us have heard of the standard public speaking tips like: make eye contact with the audience, plan the speech, practice, speak with volume, and
stand up straight. Although, they are valuable tips, none of these tips address the real problem underlying the speech delivery. Namely, our fear of failure,
and the crippling nervousness we experience when standing in front of a crowd of people. We are sure you can relate to the nervousness we are
referring to. Even if you are an expert in speech delivery, at some point in your life, you’ve felt nervous when giving a presentation. Some of you hate public-
speaking, you get so nervous that the only thing you hear is the sound of your heart bouncing out of your chest, or your stomach tightening up.  Positive
affirmations are a powerful tool to boost confidence. The right affirmation will give positive suggestions to your subconscious, so that your mind will be
filled with positive images of yourself.
Following is a sample of the affirmations on this track: You choose to be calm and relaxed in front of your audience. You speak easily and confidently to
groups of people. You are always prepared to speak. You spend more than enough time to prepare yourself when gathering data and putting your
speech together. You plan your speeches easily and know the material inside out so your presentation is always perfect. You know how to “read” the
group you are speaking to and react in a positive way to their response no matter what it is. You are the best there is at public speaking there is none
better than yourself. You deliver your speech with clarity and know your audience is listening with anticipation. As you speak to you audience you are
getting calmer and more confident with each and every word that leaves your lips.
So, please listen to the sample and visualize yourself giving a successful speech with the power of the affirmations you have just received. Note there
are no hidden messages in our samples.
TRACK 08                                                                  SELF IMPROVEMENT NOW

                                                                 ~ With an Orcid   by: Yanni (c) (p) ~

Did you know that affirmations can be either positive or negative? If you say to yourself “This always happens to me” when something goes wrong, then
you are making a negative affirmation. Well designed affirmations can be a perfect way to substitute negative thoughts and feelings with empowering
self beliefs and positive character traits. Lately the majority of self improvement experts and scientists working on the human brain are convinced that
there is solid scientific evidence that affirmations and our belief system in fact create our reality, and influence and form what we experience in our lives.
This is why we at The Subliminal Mind are promoting self help and on this track present over 200 specific affirmations that  target your own Self
The messages on this track are geared to help you improve yourself right now. Here is a sample; You are getting better at being you in the here and now.
You have completely discarded any thoughts of failure that you used to have. You have no unnecessary fear of failure. You have no unnecessary anxiety
about things you want to do. You find it easy to discard negative thoughts and attitudes about yourself. You always think of yourself in a totally positive
way. You expect to succeed because you are a naturally successful person. You work hard to succeed and you will succeed because you deserve to
succeed. You are naturally and inevitably drawn towards success. You are tenacious and persevere with all your efforts towards success. You quickly
see and use all opportunities for success. You plan for success and therefore easily find success. Your naturally successful personality ensures your
natural success. You find it easy to achieve your goals and you set your goals high.
Please listen to  the sample song and start to relax. Note there are no hidden messages in our samples.
Subliminal Music CD Recordings with Affirmations
This is our basic product, the categories include; A Healthy You, Sleep Magic, Self
Improvement, Fighting Depression and Anxiety, Sharpen your Mind, and finally,
Relationships. In these categories we have over 40 music tracks with affirmations
included. All six of our CDs are made with the state of the art technology, and come
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