~ Fighting Depression and Anxiety ~
So, just what is depression?
Nearly everyone has felt depressed, sad, or blue at one time or another. A depressed mood is a normal reaction to loss, life's
struggles, or injured self-esteem. Sometimes, however, depression becomes intense, lasts for long periods, and prevents a
person from leading a normal, healthy life.
The major symptoms of depression include the following: 1). Feeling extremely sad, anxious, or "empty" - Feeling hopeless -
Feeling worthless. 2). Having thoughts of death or suicide (If you are having thoughts of suicide, call your local 24-hour suicide
hotline right away).  3). An increase or decrease in the need for sleep.  4). Loss of enjoyment from things that were once pleasurable
- Loss of energy - Difficulty concentrating, thinking, or making decisions  5). Changes in appetite that lead to weight loss or gain.
Depression that has these characteristics is a medical condition called major depressive disorder, one of a number of depressive
illnesses. More than 10 million Americans suffer from major depressive disorder each year, but most never get treatment. When left
untreated, depression can become worse, last for years, and cause untold suffering.
Now for the good news. Hypnotherapy is considered an effective treatment for depression. According to a 2007 study, hypnotherapy
treatments proved to be more helpful than cognitive-behavioral therapy for reducing depression, anxiety and hopelessness, and the
positive outcomes continued for at least one year after the study ended. Hypnotherapy assists patients with taking positive steps
toward better coping skills, healthier behavior and happier moods. Where does The Subliminal Mind come in? With this CD you will
receive the positive subconscious affirmations to deal with depression, anxiety, and stress that you may face each and everyday. It is
suggested that you always obtain a proper diagnosis for depression from a physician before considering any kind of hypno or
subliminal therapy. We offer a link to our resident Hypnotherapist and for those who need sessions with verbal assistance we make
available some very helpful choices that include special effects of streams, soft ocean waves, forest with soft winds and others. All
come with the voice and direction of Hypnotherapist Dianna L. Llarena of Los Angeles California.
TRACK 01                                                               DEALING WITH DEPRESSION

                                                               ~ Cristofori's Dream by: David Lanz (c) (p) ~

Depression is caused by a combination of biochemical, genetic, psychological and environmental factors that affect the brain. Brain-imaging
technologies, such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), show that the parts of the brain responsible for regulating mood, sleep, thinking, appetite and
behavior appear to function differently among people who experience depression. The chemicals that brain cells use to communicate appear to be out of
balance as well. Some types of depression tend to run in families, suggesting a genetic link for some individuals. In addition, grief, trauma, or stressful
events can trigger depression. Substance abuse, taking medications, and illnesses can also contribute to the issue. We at The Subliminal Mind are
trying to help in a way that uses a method that has limited intrusiveness. While playing the tract, or even in sleep,  because your subconscious mind is
still wide awake you will be given all the positive affirmations that will help you through your depression. We have seen some very positive results from
this track and hope you might want to at least give it a try. Some of the affirmations include: You know your depression is a passing thing. You alone, are
in control of your destiny. You can be, and do anything you desire. You are working everything out, and everything will be ok. You now only think help-full
thoughts. You are becoming happier with each and every passing day. You like yourself, because you know you are the best. Other people like you. A lot
of people care for, and about you. You are very important. Your views are important and other people really do respect them. Your life is better now.
Please listen to this track and remember you can and will be better. If you feel you need to talk to someone about your situation please go to our contact
page and leave a message for Diana Wales, our hypnotherapist.
Note there are no hidden messages in our samples.
TRACK 02                                                                          STRESS RELIEF

                                                              ~ Only Time by: Lavender Hills (c) (p) ~

If you find that you over react to events, people and situations, if your body is in a state of tension and you feel as if you are preparing to go into battle, then
you are probably suffering from stress, anxiety or maybe even depression.  In small doses, stress can help you perform under pressure and motivate
you to do your best. But when you’re constantly running in emergency mode, your mind and body pay the price. Then it's time to take some action and
bring your nervous system and your mind back into balance!
Some questions you might want to ask yourself included: • Are you frequently feeling frazzled and overwhelmed? • Is your life full of hassles, deadlines,
frustrations and demands? • Has stress become so common that it's become your way of life? If any of these are YES then we feel you would benefit
from this track. A sample of the messages include: You are calming yourself. You are soothing yourself; you are calming and soothing yourself right now.
You are prepared to deal with your problems right now; they are solvable and you know you will conquer them. You now release everything you are upset
about. You now release all feelings of stress. You now release all your anger. You are letting go of frustration. You let all negative feelings fly away. You
are letting go of your problems. You are letting go of your worries. You feel very good about yourself right now.
We know this track will help you with your stress. Please listen to the sample, even the music by itself seems to help you relax and the visualization gives
a sense that helps push the hidden messages. Note there are no hidden messages in our samples.
TRACK 03                                                            SELF LOVE AND ACCEPTANCE

                                                         ~ Drifted in a Deeper Land by: Ray Lynch (c) (p) ~

Having self love and acceptance is a very important facet of being a well balanced human being. You may be constantly worried about others around you
and you may feel others are more important than you or have a higher ‘value’ compared to you. And because of this they deserve more of your attention,
concern and care. This feeling that others are more ‘worthy’ to deserve this treatment is usually sub-conscious caused by lack of love and developed
over time from various events and experiences in your life. A common variation to this lack of self worth is continually seeking or needing the approval of
others. One may hope to gain the approval of others through showing care, concern, attention and putting the needs and happiness of the other person
above his or her own, exclusively. This is in hope that the other person may accept you in response to these actions, however, you may find yourself
doing things that you do not want to do. Your lack of self love may even trap you into co-dependant relationships. You desire change but do not know how
to make those changes. Even though your subconscious may have you trapped, we at The Subliminal Mind make available a solution. With this track
there is a way to help you find balance.
An example of the messages on this track include: You are worth loving, you are a wonderful miracle of life. You are a special human being. You love
others as you love yourself. You accept who and what you are. You recognize your unique qualities and traits. You can only truly love others when you love
yourself. You deserve love and care from yourself and others. You are always loved and protected. You are a beautiful human being. You treat yourself
with love, kindness and respect. You are proud of yourself and all that you have accomplished. You forgive yourself for all past and future mistakes. You
love taking care of yourself.
As you listen to the sample track think about what it would mean for you to be free from the bondage of feeling so down on yourself, so useless, so
helpless, you deserve better!  Note there are no hidden messages in our samples.
TRACK 04                                                                   HIGHER SELF ESTEEM

                                                                  ~ Poeme      by: Secret Garden (c) (p) ~

Self esteem basically means learning to love yourself and having a higher opinion of yourself, even when firmly facing the challenges of life. People with
low self-esteem consider themselves to be unworthy. They are demoralized and have a feeling of insecurity. These people have lack of self confidence.
This problem can often be remedied and self worth regained through self esteem affirmations. A self esteem affirmation is a phrase, which, when
repeated to yourself daily, can help you feel better about yourself and restore your self confidence. Affirmations are directly linked to our
sub-consciousnes. They implant any thought, either positive or negative, onto our mind and form a pattern that is repeated many times. Our
subconscious then implements these patterns into our daily lives either leading to a positive or negative change. Self esteem affirmations are designed
to change your internal beliefs about yourself.
We believe there is plenty of evidence to prove that by using this track with the subliminal messages you will be getting the benefits of all the affirmations
being heard directly by your subconscious mind. You do not have to stand in front of the mirror and say them over and over. By using The Subliminal
Mind's CDs you will be getting positive suggestions when ever you need them, for example: You love and accept yourself unconditionally. You approve of
yourself and feel great about yourself. You radiate love and respect and in return you get love and respect. You are a well loved and well respected
person. You are a cultured and wise and yet, a humble person. Your high self esteem enables you to respect others and get respect in return. You are
free to make your own choices and decisions. You are a unique and very special person and worthy of respect from others. Your high self esteem allows
you to accept compliments easily and to freely compliment others.
So, please listen and keep in mind there are no hidden messages in our samples.
TRACK 05                                                                  CONFIDENCE BOOSTER

                                                             ~ You Raise Me Up   by: Secret Garden (c) (p) ~

True perfection lies in what YOU think of yourself and not in what others think of you.
Do any of the following negative thoughts sound familiar?  - I don’t deserve anything that is good for me. - I don’t deserve to be happy. - I always end up
on the losing side  - Bad things always happen to me  - I deserve to be mistreated. - Everyone always abandons me. - I can’t do anything right. - Everyone
hates me. - Everyone thinks I am so dumb. - I am a loser. - I am stupid. - I am fat. - I am not good looking. I should have more friends.
How many of these negative thoughts have been lingering in your subconscious? Remember, if you think you can’t, you won’t! And moreover, if you think
you’re not worthy or don’t deserve happiness, you will attract relationships that complete those negative thoughts. So, what you think and how you really
feel is far more powerful than the words you speak. But, the secret to creating mind blowing confidence is more than just external or behavioral
modification. It requires a journey of self-discovery, one that will awaken your inner perfection.
If you are looking to build your subconscious mind's self esteem this track is for you! Here is a short sample: You wake up every morning confident and
full of energy. You enjoy feeling your confidence and self esteem as you move through your day. You have completely discarded any thoughts of failure
that you used to have. You have no unnecessary fear of failure. You have no unnecessary anxiety about things you want to do. You find it easy to discard
negative thoughts and attitudes about yourself. You always think of yourself in a totally positive way. You expect to succeed because you are a naturally
successful person. You are confident right now; you can do and be anything you want.
If you need an instant confidence boost then this track is for you. Please listen and again remember, there are no hidden messages in our samples.
TRACK 06                                                                 STOP NEGATIVE THOUGHTS

                                                                ~ My Irish Friend   by: Secret Garden (c) (p) ~

Sometimes our minds are like an old movie theater that just keeps replaying the same old films that only show negative images of our past, present and
sometimes even the future. Even after we start listening to or saying positive affirmations, why then do so many negative thoughts and feelings persist?
It's important to note here that the recurrence, at least for a while, of seemingly negative patterns and mental “films” may be perfectly natural as they die
out and replaced by new affirmations and mental self-control. It's like they must reassert their reality so that we can consciously antidote them in the
moment, thus redirecting the energies while processing the thought. It's also good to perceive negative images as having no substantial or continued
reality in the present or future since that helps us detach from giving them any emotional magnetic substance at all. Of course, finding the right
affirmations to replace negative mental films, whether about people, things, experiences, or anything else, is what is really needed. That is why we
developed this last track on this CD. It is loaded with literally hundreds of positive anti negative messages that speak directly to your subconscious mind
to help restrict and eventually erase previous negative images with all the implications that hinder you.
Messages like: All thoughts of negativeness are leaving you now. You are happy! People like you! You are a nice person! You are important!  You make a
difference to the world! You are motivated. You like your work. You are succeeding. There is nothing in your life that is negative. You are positive. You are
confident. You are a responsible person. You are in control of your life. You are doing more of the things you enjoy.
Each day we seem to deal with things around us that can bring us down. Listen to this track and think positive happy thoughts.
Note: there are no hidden messages in our samples.  
Subliminal Music CD Recordings with Affirmations
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Improvement, Fighting Depression and Anxiety, Sharpen your Mind, and finally,
Relationships. In these categories we have over 40 music tracks with affirmations
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