~ Sharpen Your Mind ~
To a large extent, your happiness and your success in life is determined by the thoughts you hold in your subconscious mind.
Positive affirmations are powerful statements that are used to build a positive internal dialog. By consistently hearing positive
affirmations, you create positive subconscious thoughts. These new, positive, productive thoughts will replay automatically
throughout your life. Each time they replay, they'll reinforce the new positive inner-image you have of yourself and your life in general.
By replacing old, negative thinking with new, positive subconscious thoughts you’ll be able to access the endless resources of
positive energy you have within yourself. You’ll be able to create a new, positive reality for yourself. On this CD, Sharpening Your
Mind, is a set of tracks that will enable you to free your mind to better receive the subliminal messages as well as help you with
memory improvement, better listening, comprehension, among others.
For those who need sessions with verbal assistance we make  available some very helpful choices that include special effects of
streams, soft ocean wave, forest soft winds and others. All come  with the voice and direction of Hypnotherapist Dianna L. Llarena of
Los Angeles California. Please note there are no hidden messages in our samples.
TRACK 01                                                                     MEMORY IMPROVEMENT

                                                           ~ A Journey of the Heart   by: Karunesh (c) (p) ~

For most of us memory can be thought of as the retention of the things we have learned  and the  experience of living that can be broken down into the
processes of three things;  Receiving information, storing it in our mind, and being able to retrieve this information however and whenever needed.
Because our attention is selective,  not everything that you register is stored. Likewise, not everything that is stored can be retrieved at a particular
moment. When talking about memory, it helps to distinguish between short term memory and long term memory.
In Short Term Memory information is usually retained in your short term memory for around 15 – 20 seconds, but this time can be extended by repeating
the information over and over again. Short term memory can hold around 7 pieces of information. However, if information is grouped together or
organized more efficiently, like visualization, you can increase your capacity.
With Long Term Memory, information in short term memory is coded in terms of its superficial features (e.g. its sound and shape).Over time, if you can
identify patterns in, assign meaning to, or see similarity in the information, it can be stored long term. Your mind uses different methods to facilitate
storage of material in long term memory: organization / categorization, relating the new material to older material, use of imagery, and assignment of
Retrieval of information is usually accomplished using three methods: 1). Recall is digging into the memory in response to a stimulus. For example,
when someone asks you what your phone number is, you recall it. 2). Recognition where you may recognize something if shown a picture of it, but you
would find it harder to recall all the details about it unaided. Finally there is re-learning; 3). Re-learning information you learned at school often takes less
time the second time round. This implies that there is a certain amount of remembering of old material taking place. The information is already resident
somewhere in memory and just needs refreshing.
At The Subliminal Mind, we have put together this track that will help get your subconscious mind working for you, to help you get your mind in tune with
accepting information and holding it in your short term and long term memory. The affirmations include messages like: Each day you tell yourself you
have a great memory. You have confidence in your memory. Your memory improves every day. You replace negatives with positives. You easily
remember anything of importance. Your memory is well organized. You record information easily and naturally. Your memory retrieval system is
excellent. You are now good with names. You learn and recall names easily. You absorb knowledge easily. You remember what you want to remember
quickly. Please listen to this track, we believe you will enjoy it.
Please note there are no hidden messages in our
TRACK 02                                                                            BETTER LISTENING

                                                                   ~ Light Dance   by: Karunesh (c) (p) ~

In hurried, busy, pressured and fast moving times, the natural “social arts” which people have always taken for granted are being eroded. People simply
don't have time for each other any more. One of the consequences of this fast-passed world is that people are loosing the basic communication skills
they once had and don't actually know how to talk, how to converse with eachother. Many people lack the natural exposure to models of conversation that
would have helped them in more social eras. Yet there is no doubt that being able to listen really well to another person is a very important, effective way
of building relationships and connections - which are vital for a satisfying life. There is no better friend than a friend with great listening skills. Being
listened to makes you feel interesting, valued and cared for.
Think how you feel when you are talking to someone but you know they are not really listening. They might be smiling but their eyes are wandering; they
look bored or their conversation is disconnected from what you've just been speaking about. Real listening skills involve actively listening to someone to
show them they are important and interesting enough for you to remember what they have told you. The skill of knowing how to make people feel special
and worthwhile is priceless and people will love you for it. This track focuses on helping you increase your listening and communication skills.
The messages include suggestions like: For you listening is something that comes easy. You know that listening is a skill that man has used since
before you were born. You are always in the process of fine-tuning your listening skills. You are already listening with your subconscious mind. In
conversation you stay focused because you are curious and want to listen to gain understanding. You are focused and listen well. You know curiosity is a
wonderful thing and it helps you to learn and to discover things for yourself. Whatever you do not already know you want to discover because there is
always so much to learn. You no longer unconsciously shut your ears to what others are saying or asking because you automatically assume that you
already know the subject or the answer to questions being asked.
Please listen to this track and visualize yourself listening better each and everyday. Also, note there are no hidden messages in our samples.
TRACK 03                                                                MIND LIKE A STEAL TRAP

                                                                         ~ Relax       by: Karunesh (c) (p) ~

It was once said, “I have a mind like a steel trap only its a little rusty and I have to pry it open sometimes”. Some of us have minds like a sponge; very
absorbent, but somewhat leaky. So, what is your mind like? Wouldn't it be great to hear something, be able to filter it out and then put it in permanent
memory at will. It would be like the connotation of an intelligence that is brutally efficient, precise and inescapable, An individual that would instantly and
permanently seize upon the smallest of details in any situation use the knowledge to his or her advantage in life.
There is a technique that you can learn and with the help of this trap turn your subconscious mind literally into  a steal trap. With affirmations to you
subconscious mind to help you like: You now have total recall at will. Reach in now and remove any blocks in your memory. Remembering is now a
priority for you. It is no longer a battle to remember; it is easy and natural for you to remember. It doesn't have to be difficult to be worthwhile. What you
need to remember is easy to remember. As you receive new information you have total recall of this information at will. Your mind is now like a steal trap,
you listen to everything and remember what you wish to recall in a moment. All information that you have ever seen, heard or felt is now totally available to
you.  Note there are no hidden messages in our samples.
TRACK 04                                                                      KNOW THAT WORD

                                                                           ~ Santorini  by: Yanni (c) (p) ~

Communication skills are essential to the success of every kind of relationship and interaction whether you're dealing with family, friends, colleagues,
strangers, officials, superiors, subordinates or children. Whatever their own abilities in communication, you need to be able to comfortably say what you
need, in the right way, at the right time, to get the best possible result from every encounter. You also need to be able to effectively listen, absorb and deal
with what others are saying to you.
Once you have learned the basics of how to talk, which most of us master in childhood, most people don’t receive further help with how to communicate
better. It's a hit and miss, trial and error business, and can leave many people struggling, wondering why they can't get along with others, or get their
needs properly met.
The Subliminal Mind's Know That Word, is a track designed to help you build up your communication skills. It's messages will help you in any shortfall
on how you handle social interaction, or in enhancing what you already do well so that you can enjoy communicating with others even more. Affirmations
include phrases like: You have great communication skills. You listen well, and speak after you think about what you want to say. You ask questions to
those you speak with to make sure they understand what you just said to them. You make sure you know what you are talking about before you commit
your views in conversation. You now believe you can communicate with anyone, anytime and anywhere. You have confidence in your working
relationships and communicate extremely well with those you work with. The power within you transmits itself through yourself and enables the very best
creative flow and endless communications to occur. You know a relationship involves time, commitment, communication, honesty and the ability to work
on issues. You now have great communication skills.
Please note there are no hidden messages in our samples.
TRACK 05                                                                  PATIENCE TO UNDERSTAND

                                                                 ~ Pastorale    by: Ray Lynch (c) (p) ~

"If I have ever made any valuable discoveries, it has been owing more to patient attention, than to any other talent." ~ Sir Isaac Newton
Are you among the millions of people who would like to see things happen in an instant? It can be very challenging in your life to be patient when
needed, patient at work, at home with your children, or with another loved one. You may feel as if you have your hands full or you might feel you are just
too busy with everything to even listen or take the time needed to understand what is going on around you. Patience is something to be valued and
something you can never have enough of.  We suggest using this track to help your subconscious mind calm down. We use special affirmations that will
assist you with having patience.
An example of the messages include: You are becoming more patient, knowing that each day you move one step closer to everything you want. You are
being patient to listen and understand more each and everyday. You patiently communicate with gentle awareness. You will practice patient loving
tolerance today. You will treat your family with kindness and love. You are always patient with yourself and others. You are patient and understanding with
your co-workers. You are Patient, Powerful, Proud, and a great listener. You have all the patience you need to care for those around you! You are a master
at being patient You are letting go of your need to control everyone and everything and experiencing great peace of mind.
Please note there are no hidden messages in our samples.
TRACK 06                                                               LEARN QUICKLY AND EASILY

                                                                       ~ Galadriel   by: Karunesh (c) (p) ~

Accelerated learning, the ability to pick things up fast, is a really handy tool for rapid comprehension and progression in acquiring knowledge. Whether
you are learning a language, a speech, a programming language or new dance routine, the capacity to 'get it' and absorb new facts, skills and ideas
rapidly, means you will always have the competitive edge. When someone is a great learner you often hear other people say things like: 'You seem like
someone who has been doing this all your life!' It is the knack of quickly assimilating new knowledge and 'making it your own' that this session is going
to focus on.
There are different types of knowledge. But for the purposes of everyday life, we can break down knowledge into, factual knowledge, which is the
accumulation of facts and their context in the mind, and, procedural knowledge, which means how things are done. With this topic we are interested in
speed learning and avoiding distractions.
On this track we give you affirmations that will prepare your brain to access the correct state of mind to learn quickly, block out any unwanted distractions,
in addition to certain other basics that need to be in place. If you are learning facts, you need to be in a peaceful enough environment to enable you to
focus and concentrate.  If you are constantly being interrupted by outside distractions or if you have not yet learned how to quiet down your own mind so
you can concentrate on the subject at hand, then you learn less and take longer to learn.
Fast learners know how to filter out distractions and they also know instinctively how to use 'imaginative rehearsal' to embed the learning instantly and
deeply. One of the benefits of these affirmations will be to greatly enhance this ability.  
A sample of the affirmations: You learn quickly and easily at will. You find that because you are organizing yourself in this way, your mind is more focused
and ready to learn. You find it easy to concentrate and to retain what you learn – and you really enjoy studying as you see it as a means to an end. Every
day at your pre-agreed time you get into the habit of studying to succeed. You find that you are able to think more clearly and you are able to concentrate
more easily. You become so deeply absorbed and interested in the subject that you are studying that you now want to give your full attention to what you
are studying, to the exclusion of everything else. Because you are so interested and absorbed in your studies, it becomes so easy for you to grasp and
understand all the things that you learn. All the things that you do learn secure themselves in your memory to enable you to remember them more easily.
Please note there are no hidden messages in our samples.
TRACK 07                                                            IMPROVE SPELLING AND READING

                                                               ~ To The One That Knows   by: Yanni (c) (p) ~

Do you ever catch yourself reading and suddenly realize you haven't taken any of it in at all?  Have you ever looked at a book you read six months before
and wondered what on earth it was about? If you are lucky you may have remembered half a dozen ideas from it. Do facts slip off your mind almost as
soon as you've read them like snow melts on a hot plate? Or, do you constantly make involuntary slips, and end up either using the wrong word
altogether, or looking like a fool because you don't know the correct way to write a particular word? What if the sort of schooling you got was actually no
help to you in mastering the complexities of English language spelling?
We at the Subliminal Mind have developed a track that will help you deal with these issues. It targets how your mind comprehends what you read and
also helps with those misspelled words that appear in your writing every day.
On this track you will be given positive affirmations that include: You want to read each and every day - you really do. Your subconscious mind helps you
read faster and retain everything easier now. You are reading faster and with better comprehension each and everyday. You make time and make sure
your environment is perfect for reading everyday now. You trust your subconscious mind to understand and to know what you read. Words that you do not
know you look up in a dictionary and memorize them immediately. You make sure you understand what you read before you move on to the next page.
You do not take anything you read for granted and will make sure the facts are all there and correct. You enjoy reading. You are getting better at spelling
words correctly every day. You now find it easy to see and spell words correctly. You know good spellers simply remember how the correct spelling of a
word looks. You now spell words by how they look as a whole or how they look broken in syllables, not simply by how they sound. You can now look at a
word and remember how it is spelled by how it looks. You find it easy to know how words look properly spelled. You feel uncomfortable when your mind
sees a misspelled word. You feel happy when you see a word spelled correctly. When you look at a page of written words, all misspelled words jump out
at you!
Please note there are no hidden messages in our samples.
Subliminal Music CD Recordings with Affirmations
This is our basic product, the categories include; A Healthy You, Sleep Magic, Self
Improvement, Fighting Depression and Anxiety, Sharpen your Mind, and finally,
Relationships. In these categories we have over 40 music tracks with affirmations
included. All six of our CDs are made with the state of the art technology, and come
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