~ Relationships ~
Occasionally in our lives we can find that our relationships don't always run true to course. There are many ways in which
relationship problems can arise, some examples are: Relationship issues within marriage or overcoming problems in a long
distance relationship.  Friends or colleagues who have had a difference of opinion and find they are unable to approach one another
to make amends. Disharmony can arise in families between its members and cause a strain on the family. People may have
difficulty in forming new relationships, particularly when they are finding it hard to 'move on' from a previous separation.  Fears and
problems associated with dating including insecurity- driven end of a relationship.
Do you want to improve your relationship or find success in a new relationship?  Often it can be difficult to ask for relationship
advice. Whether you are interested in building a successful new relationship or are looking to deal with relationship problems, this
CD from The Subliminal Mind can help.
For those who need sessions with verbal assistance, we make  available some very helpful choices that include special effects of
streams, soft ocean waves, forest soft winds and others. All come with the voice and direction of Hypnotherapist Dianna L. Llarena
of Los Angeles California. Go ahead and browse through these tracks and please note there are no hidden messages in our
TRACK 01                                                                    OVERCOMING SHYNESS

                                                      ~ Dawn Of A New Centery   by: Secret Garden (c) (p) ~

Is overcoming shyness important to you? Does shyness affect your social life? In a group are you always quiet and reserved? When people talk to you
does your mind go blank? Are you self-conscious and worried about what other people will think if you say something stupid or wrong or afraid to look
like a fool? Lots of people are shy, and don't give it a second thought, but if you suffer from extreme shyness you can overcome it!
Shyness is a natural part of growing up, which most people eventually work through as they mature into more confident adults. But when you are young
and impressionable, adolescent social insecurity and emotional instability can have a conditioning effect which may trigger a response to social events
with fear instead of excitement and pleasure. Over time, this response becomes automatic and can start to feel as if it is part of your 'identity' - and fixed.  
Responding to social situations with anxiety or shyness is not 'who you are', but only what you have 'learned to do'. It feels 'normal' to you, not because it
is truly part of your identity, but because it is what you regularly do. In short, it has become a habitual behavior. And although habits can feel as if they are
hard to change, your brain is actually adept at updating such apparently instinctive patterns.
This track has been designed to help you to overcome shyness successfully and easily. Listening to - Overcoming Shyness - will allow your
subconscious mind to let go of old, constrictive social patterns and adopt new and fruitful patterns which will make your social life immensely enjoyable
and rewarding. It will help you melt away shyness, creating new patterns which will enable you to experience real social ease and go beyond just putting
on a good performance. You life will become more enjoyable and rewarding. By using subliminal messages, shyness can melt away, creating new
patterns which will enable you to experience real social ease and go beyond just putting on a good performance.
The messages on this track include phrases like: You are wise, and witty, outgoing and secure. You are intimidated by no one. Nothing can rob you of
your personal power and perspective. You are not afraid of rage, intimidation, or criticism. When you are aware of your negative feelings, you can let them
go. You are confident and relaxed in all your undertakings. You excel in all situations by being attentive to detail. You are appreciated for your work. You
are caring and cared for. You feel accepted for who you are. You are adventurous. You love to explore new places and try new activities. The people you
meet fascinate you. You feel profound enjoyment in everything you do. You see the opportunity for meaningful human connections all around you. Your
body language tells people that you are confident, open, and approachable.
Please listen to the sample, even the music by itself seems to help you and the visualization gives a sense that helps push the hidden messages. Note
there are no hidden messages in our samples.
TRACK 02                                                                  MPROVED SELF WORTH

                                                             ~ A Love For Life   by: Yanni (c) (p) ~

Have you been feeling down on yourself and that you don't deserve good things? Have you perhaps become a bit neglectful of yourself  and how you
look, or of your home and personal space?
It's a sad fact that lots of things can take the joy out of life and get you feeling pretty negative about yourself and the world. As human beings, we all have a
number of basic emotional needs, beyond the purely physical. We need, for instance, a feeling of security, a way to be involved with others, something to
feel proud of, challenges to make us grow and develop, friendships and intimacy. Without these, we suffer.
Life is unpredictable and at any time you may discover that one or more of these needs are not being well met. You can survive that easily enough for a
time, but if it goes on for too long it can grind you down and change your view of yourself. You can come to feel that you don't deserve happiness. And
then you can actually start making it harder for yourself, and deliberately deprive yourself of opportunities to feel good.
Why do you stop feeling that you're worth it? It's a very human thing to do. When things aren't going well, and we feel we cannot fix them, we look for a way
to explain it to ourselves. Taking the blame is a popular explanation; "If my life isn't great, it must be because I'm no good, and I don't deserve it”.
However, you've probably noticed that thinking like this gets you caught in a vicious circle. Feelings of worthlessness mean that you avoid doing things
that might make you feel good. And if you never allow yourself to feel good, or look good, it's even harder to address the problems that you face. So you
don't address the problems and then they tend to get worse. As a result you think you're even more worthless, and so on.
There is an amazingly simple way to break out of that cycle. It is with subliminal positive self worth messages. On this track the Subliminal Mind Team
has put together a series of affirmations that will reinforce you subconscious mind with confidence and will help you start to feel better about your self as
well as your life. These messages include sayings like: You have every thing to live for. Your value as a person is increasing each and everyday. Your self
worth is not tied to the approval or thoughts of those around you. You are full of self esteem. You approve of yourself and who you are. You like yourself.
You deserve the best and you accept it now. It's ok to be yourself. You like yourself. You remember who you are, and you are happy! It's no importance to
you what others think of you; what is important is what you think of yourself! You love yourself and are worthy of all the best in life. You are valuable. So are
the things you do for yourself and others. Your self worth is not tied to the approval or thoughts of those around you. You are worthy of all the best that life
has to offer. You are a naturally lucky person. You create your own reality.
So listen, and please remember none of our sample tracks here have messages in them.  
TRACK 03                                                                COMMUNICATIONS SAVVY

                                                      ~ Song From A Secret Garden by: Secret Garden (c)  ~

Knowing how to effectively communicate is essential for any person to become successful in life. The purpose of communication is to get your message
across to your listener in the best way possible. Good communication takes skill since messages can often become misinterpreted by one or more of
the parties involved. When this happens it causes unnecessary confusion and moves you further away from you communications goal.
Your communication is successful only when both the sender and the receiver understand in the same way. By successfully getting your message
across, you convey your thoughts and ideas effectively. When not successful, the thoughts and ideas that you convey may not necessarily reflect your
own, causing a communication breakdown. This breakdown can cause you to lose trust and belief in your self as well as the person you are talking to.
To communicate effectively, you must clearly understand in your mind what your core message is, and how your recipient will perceive your message.
On this track, "The Subliminal Mind" will to help get your subconscious mind working for you with affirmations like:  You now possess the undeniable
advantages of being a great conversationalist. You know all the crucial elements of effective communication. You comprehend and are aware of all the
important do's and don'ts in a conversation. You act properly when engaged in a conversation. You are aware of who you are talking to and will adjust
your conversation accordingly. You will never say something hateful about another person, place or thing in a conversation. You ask all your questions
with confidence. You listen very well and understand not only the general subject but details as well. You know when to begin a conversation and when to
listen. You are conscious of what and how to communicate over the phone now. You have no problem with being friendly and joining other people's
conversation. You now choose the best way to communicate whether it is verbally in person, by telephone, email, letters, greeting cards, or other method.
You now end a conversation and leave a lasting good impression. You decode the body language of the person you're talking to. You are aware of the
tone of your voice as you communicate because it can affect the results of a conversation. You are aware of the factors that make a conversation
stressful and will avoid them. Note, none of the sound track samples have subliminal messages on them here.
TRACK 04                                                                PERFECTION IN INTERACTION

                                                                   ~ A Very First Song   by: Mikka (c) (p) ~

Have you ever wondered how to build the perfect relationship? Do you want to be someone's friend, but are afraid that it can't become more than that,
once friendship status is achieved? Do you long to make a person fall in love with you? Are you searching for love and for a great relationship? You
certainly aren't alone. Contrary to what most people think, to build the perfect relationship one needs to start with friendship.
It is often believed that friendship and romance just can't mix. Somewhere along the line we were taught that once you achieved friendship status you
were doomed to remain there and only there forever. However, after you get past the first physical attraction, it is the emotional connection between a
man and a woman that causes them to fall in love. A relationship should be cultivated and go beyond physical attraction.
Studies have shown that relationships that start out as friendships have a better chance of making it long term. This is because the emotional bonds that
are required during friendship are harder to break than those that are developed over physical contact. So, how does one build the perfect relationship?
By making the right choices in what we do. Men’s and women’s needs are different, but both are basically looking for the same thing; a strong loving
relationship that will last.
On this track we have put together the positive messages that will help your subconscious mind be aware of and promote the right decisions that are
best for you. Phrases such as: You are loving and accepting of others and this creates lasting friendships for you. You maintain positive healthy
friendships and relationships. You do not need to be in a romantic relationship to be happy. You are free, you do not take part in other's emotional
games. You have the ability to admit when you are in a bad relationship and will dissolve it with dignity. You now will make sure you are not in a co-
dependant relationship. You are a strong and confident person and think highly of yourself. You are constantly aware of the others around you and
acknowledge them for who and what they are. You love and are loved. You expand your center to be conscious of those around you. You have charisma!
You deserve a loving relationship. You now attract the perfect partner into your life. You are too important to allow someone to make you feel bad about
yourself. You anticipate wonderful reactions with all of your interactions. You are not afraid to trust your partner. You are a loving, beautiful, creative person
and this is reflected in your relationships with others.
Note, none of our music samples carry the subliminal messages.
TRACK 05                                                                  SELF ESTEEM BOOSTER

                                                              ~ No Blue Thing   by: Ray Lynch (c) (p) ~

So, what do you really think about yourself? You know, it is hard to think highly of yourself when you constantly badmouth yourself. Like a bad recording,
the inner voice of your ego constantly gives subliminal feedback, and if you program it with negative thoughts, it will keep saying you're never good
enough and whittle away your self esteem. But with affirmations, you are able to drown out the negative chatter with positive statements that help
tremendously in improving self esteem.
Positive affirmations are effective and beneficial tools for improving self esteem because the statements are positive, tangible energies that, by
redirecting our thoughts, can alter our emotions. You may not have realized it but the things you tell yourself and the beliefs you have about yourself
contribute in a concrete way to your self esteem. If you are feeling inadequate and weak, it is most likely you believe that you are so, and very soon your
belief will become fact. Equally, you can increase your self esteem by actively working on modifications to your self-talk and basic beliefs about yourself.
We believe that by using our subliminal positive affirmations for improving self esteem, especially at times of duress. They will help you keep your
composure and balance to fend off the noise from the internal negative critic. We want to help you combine the energies of your conscious and
subconscious mind to help attain your goal.
Here is a sample of just a few of the positive messages you will receive: Your self esteem is at an all time high! You love and accept yourself
unconditionally. You approve of yourself and feel great about yourself. You radiate love and respect and in return You get love and respect. You are a well
loved and well respected person. You are cultured and wise and yet, a humble person. Your high self esteem enables you to respect others and get
respect in return. You are free to make your own choices and decisions. You are a unique and very special person and worthy of respect of others. Your
high self esteem allows you to accept compliments easily and also freely compliment others. You accept others as they are and they in turn accept you
as you are.  You do not make mistakes you have learning experiences.
So please listen to this track and think about how great it would be to make use of these affirmations each and every day. Please note there are no
hidden messages in our samples.
TRACK 06                                                       DEALING WITH ENVY AND JEALOUSY

                                                             ~ A Night To Remember   by: Yanni (c) (p) ~

Most people view jealousy and envy as very negative emotions, and with good reason. Who could possibly enjoy the terrible gnawing feeling in their
stomach as a loved one flirts with another suitor, or a colleague appears to be in line to take your job, or a friend starts spending less time with you
because they are hanging out more with another friend?
Researchers believe there is more to jealousy and envy than just a lack of control over one's emotions. They theorize that these feelings form a
fundamental part of human nature. Understanding and overcoming your jealousy and envy can be a way of better understanding yourself and what drives
you, and ultimately can make you a healthier, more well- rounded person.  
There is a difference between these two emotions. Jealousy involves a perceived or actual rivalry in which two people are vying for an object of longing; a
love interest, a promotion at work, or a good friend, for example. The jealous person feels a sense of betrayal and also a sense of potential loss,
because his rival stands to gain something he will lose. On the other hand envy involves looking with longing at someone whose circumstances appear
better than your own. There's no rivalry involved; rather, you just wish you had what the other person has. The person experiencing envy has an intense
sense of deprivation, and broods over the unfairness of his situation.
Self-esteem is at the root of both emotions. A person reacts with jealousy when his self-esteem is threatened by a potential loss of something or
someone he holds dear, and with envy when his self-worth is threatened by comparing his situation with that of someone enjoying better circumstances.
The Subliminal mind has put together a track to help your subconscious mind deal with these over-negative feelings that may ultimately harm you. The
messages on this track include sentences like: You let go of any worries about others becoming attracted to your partner. You understand that it is alright
to feel jealous from time to time. In fact, a small amount of jealousy is perfectly healthy. You know that a little bit of jealousy shows that you are still in love
and your fire is burning strong! You brush away these fleeting feelings of jealousy with a laugh. Today, you release yourself of unfounded jealousy. You
are secure in yourself and your relationship. You trust life to bring the best to you. You love yourself and release all your hurtful past memories. You have
no room for envy in your life, you always give your best and expect nothing in return. Something good will return to you without asking. You have what you
really want. You have what you really need. You are on the right path because you stay away from being jealous and have no envy. You have the power
within yourself to overcome any feelings of insecurity. You are grateful for everything you experience in this lifetime. You overcome, you grow, and you
prosper all the time. Your abundant blessings, as well as your difficulties, all make you better, stronger, and more alive.
As you listen to the sample track, think about what it would mean for you to be free from the feelings of envy and jealousy.
Note there are no hidden messages in our samples.
TRACK 07                                                                             MOVING ON

                                                                 ~ Sweet Dreams   by: Karunes (c) (p) ~

Loosing someone close to you or having a break-up can be difficult and painful. The important thing to remember is that if this happens, and at one time
or other it does to all of us, it is not the end of the world. Sometimes a situation like this can even be a good thing because it will give you a chance to
re-evaluate your life, and maybe even lead you to find someone equally or more suitable.
We all know that the end of a significant relationship, whatever the cause, can leave a terrible sense of heartbreak behind. The emotional pain is so
intense and overwhelming that people often believe that they'll never be able to move on. Obsessive thoughts of the person they have lost can rule their
lives. So, do not beat yourself up for grieving over the loss of a relationship, or for taking time to deal with your sorrow. However, do not allow it to keep
you down indefinitely. Remember that only when you truly let go will you be able to move on and build a future with someone else. Take this alone time to
work through personal issues, or do things that you have put off doing. When you have learned to change your habits and accept what happened, that is
when you know that you are ready to move on with your life and open to meet someone new. The truth is, that you can move on no matter how bad it may
have been. You can start a new beginning!
On this track the positive messages are designed to help you cope with your loss and then "Move On" with your life; forward to a new and happier time.
Here are a few samples: You are the best of the best and you are moving on, the past is what it is: the past. You now wish your past relationship the best
and you release them from you. As you put away pictures, gifts or any mementos that remind you of your past relationship you are putting them in the
past as well. You have a new understanding of how strong your spirit is because you are getting happier, and you feel better about yourself more each
and everyday now. You learn to accept that only the love in your relationship was real, things just did not work out. You know your heart has this great
capacity to love, and can love again even though it has been hurt before. You are surrounding yourself with friends and loved ones each and everyday.
Even though you know it is normal to be upset and for a moment even depressed, you avoid depression pitfalls, such as drowning your sorrows in
alcohol. You now channel all of your energy into positive activities that make you feel good about yourself. You know you are priceless. You have
everything in the world to live for, so go live it.  You have every reason in the world to be happy, and you will carry on toward a bigger and better life. You
now feel a sense of being free. You talk to your closest friend about how you are feeling and allow them to comfort you and offer you advice.  You now go
out and meet new people, rebuild old relationships, network and immerse yourself into social situations. You keep yourself busy doing things you enjoy
with the people you love, and don't dwell on the past.  You now take time to reflect on your life and expectations for the future.  
Note there are no hidden messages in our samples.
TRACK 08                                                                     BREAKING THE ICE

                                                               ~ My Immortal by: Ben Moody (c) (p) ~

Every relationship has to begin with that initial contact. It's the point where you go from one of the thousands of faceless strangers in a crowd to "Hey! I
know that person". Breaking the ice isn't about starting an hour long conversation. It's about crossing that barrier from "unknown person" to "known
person". There are all kinds of methods or plans to break the ice that people will use. They may ask a friend to introduce them to someone or they may
just walk up and start a conversation.
Low self confidence can make life tricky and sometimes downright unpleasant. You don’t get the best from opportunities and you may even avoid
situations because you simply don’t believe you can cope as well as others do. No matter what the case may be, there is for a number of us, that initial
fear or discomfort of meeting someone new and turning a casual, “Hello”, into a lasting relationship. This track has been designed to help you get past
that first resistance you may have and then give you the subliminal power in your mind to move forward to the next steps.
Following is an example of the positive affirmations you will receive: “Breaking the Ice” is easy for you because you are brimming with self confidence.
You are amazed at your inner strength and ability to communicate well in any circumstance. You are at ease with yourself, and you are at ease with other
people. You are attracting more and more people that make you feel confident. You are confident in your skills and abilities to communicate with
someone new. You believe affection is mutually created and mutually sustained. Everywhere you go, no matter who you meet you always remember you
are confident. Other people find you interesting. You are confident, attractive, and successful, and you are better off letting go of past unpleasant
relationships. You feel great about yourself today!  You are confident, charismatic, and charming. Your pleasing voice is firm, resonant and full of
assurance and confidence. Your confidence and competence are exploding massively everyday. Your confidence eliminates worry. Your confidence is
always greater than any kind of fear you may face. Your confidence level soars when you talk to others. Your inner vision is always clear and focused.
Please note there are no hidden messages in our samples.
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