After moving to a new country and starting a new career at the age of forty I found myself having trouble coping with the
new found stresses in my life.I was now a bartender at a fairly busy establishment and at time the pressure was extreme
and the fatigue was wearing me down.When I encountered the opportunity to use the subliminal mind music I did not
hesitate and began to listen to it by the book. During my  half an hour breaks at work I would go to my vehicle and listen to
the subliminal music and find my stress melt away and my mind was replenished by the familiar melodies. At home I was
able to use the music as a way to let go of the stress of the day and maximize the time I had for rest.

After a few weeks I found my energy to be at new found levels and previous stress at work mitigated.
I see the music recordings as a set of effective tools for controlling the corrosive effects of stress in this modern world.

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To Add Yours
I love what I call my "sleepy music". Before I started using The Subliminal Mind's Sleep Magic CD, I had for years been
waking up every 2 hours each night like clock-work. Needless to say, because of sleep deprivation, during the day I was

After 5 days of listening to Sleep Magic, I was sleeping 4 hours a night. After a month I had the music memorized and could
recall my favorite songs from the CD. Now if I wake in the night for a bathroom break, I go right back to sleep by thinking
about the Deep Sleep song. I now sleep for 5 hours at a time.

My quality of life has improved immensely due to the fact that I get enough sleep on a regular basis. I listen to the Sleep
Magic CD about once a week as regular maintenance. I love the music and the effect the Sleep Magic CD has on my quality
of sleep which in turn positively effects my overall health.

Now that I have tried Sleep Magic I am going to listen to Healthy You!

When my husband  received your gift of the special CD for his birthday in June 2010, he listened to it several times over a
period of days.  We loved the calm, contemplative music.  But beyond the simple pleasure of listening, a dramatic change
occured, we believe as a direct result of the subliminal messages that encouraged him to make healthy choices with diet and
exercise to reduce his stress and blood pressure.  He started doing yoga every day, and has actually maintained that over an
entire year's time.  We were talking about this and decided to listen to the CD again, just because we enjoy it so much.

As we sat on our porch listening to the Subliminal Mind CD, we noticed that our Tibetan Spaniel Tashi had laid down very
close to the CD player.  She stayed there during the entire CD and seemed to go into a deeply relaxed state. She didn't move
the entire time the CD was playing, but just looked completely blissed out!  She has never shown such a response to any
other music.

Thank you so much!,
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@chirimoya08          Samantha Taylor
If you haven't experienced @ASubliminalMind get on it! I mean my self-confidence just shot up
like 500%!
@LeanneBanks       Leanne Banks
I like @ASubliminalMind My brain needs washing everyday.
@eameldah             Asati Eameldah
@ASubliminalMind thanks for all these positive tweets....they keep me moving every single
day...... Big ups!!!
I recently went through a very difficult surgery and had some major health issues.
I found the CD to be calming and soothing.  Reducing my anxiety I believe helped in the healing process both
physically and emotionally. I was able to get better rest, keep everything in perspective, thus feeling overall

Thank you!