Q: What does “subliminal” mean?

Simply put, “subliminal” refers to perception below the threshold of conscious awareness. You might compare it to peripheral vision;
although you don’t see something that is outside your field of vision, you are aware of it. With these programs, you don’t consciously hear the
subliminally recorded suggestions, your subconscious mind does, and responds accordingly.

Q: What are “affirmations”?

Affirmations are generally short, positive statements, spoken either in first person (I am relaxed) or second person (You are relaxed). In a
relaxed state, your subconscious mind is most receptive to these positive messages. Remember: you choose what you listen to, so you are
always in control. A list of affirmations is included in every booklet.

Q: Why use subliminal sound technology?

A: Because it works! By addressing the subconscious mind directly, change can happen quicker. That’s why so many Olympic athletes, CEOs
and high achievers use these programs. However, not all subliminal recordings are created equal, nor are they equally effective.

Q; Can your subliminal CDs make me do something I don't want to do?

NO. You first must agree consciously to what changes you want to occur. That is why we send a booklet with every message on the CD so
you can read them first and understand what you are trying to accomplish. We also go over the technology, the artist and the development
team, so you can be assured we want you to be very well informed.

Q: Why can’t I get the same effect by listening to words I can actually hear?

Because your conscious, analytical mind will usually resist making changes or accepting your goal as “true.” Your subconscious mind,
however takes things literally, and accepts and brings into reality any suggestion that is presented to it.

Q: Are there other advantages to subliminal programs?

Yes, because all you hear is the music, you can talk or work without being distracted by affirmations you could hear.

Q: Why aren’t subliminals more popular?

Many CEOs and successful individuals don’t want to share their "secret competitive edge" with rivals. A second reason is media dis-
information. Perhaps you read about the use of subliminal ads in movie theaters in the 1950’s to sell more popcorn and Coke®. Guess who
wouldn’t want you to think they are effective? A third reason is that subliminal self-help audio programs got a bad rap is become some
companies — who are no longer in business — produced inferior recordings with ineffective scripts, distorted, cheesy and annoying music
that kept you out of the receptive brain state. Some didn’t even have subliminal messages at all. (It is rumored that this company was actually
set-up as a fraud, to discredit the field.)

Q: How can I get the most benefit from my audio program?

Listen at least one hour a day for three weeks or more, as you go about your daily activities, or even while sleeping.

Q: How will I know if a program is working?

With many programs, you’ll notice a positive effect within moments. For instance, if your breathing becomes deeper and slower within one
minute of playing FIGHTING DEPRESSION AND ANXIETY or A HEALTHY YOU—it’s working! If you don’t hear the end of the SLEEP MAGIC
program—it’s working! If unexpected ideas just “happen” to pop into your mind while listening to SELF IMPROVEMENT—it’s working! Other
titles may require a longer time to manifest results.

Q: Can these CD’s be used as a supplemental aide for meditation or hypnosis therapy?

Absolutely!  We recommend to all our hypnotherapist , Therapist, Counselors and Sport  Personnal Trainers/Coaches use the CDs and
the ones that have found they work very well to help suplement their work.

Q: Do the subliminal CDs work for rebellious teens and young adults?

YES. But they must follow the program outlined in the booklet and agree to the process with full knowledge of the subliminal mind CD’s.

Q: Are the subliminal CDs effective in stop smoking, drinking, and drug addiction?

Yes, but they must be used as an aide in conjunction with a Hypnotherapist.

Q: Do the subliminal tracks work on animals (dogs, cats, horses)?

We don't have any conclusive data on this. In some of our client testimonials, people refer to the CD’s as having a calming effect on their
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